Riding in Skirts: Today’s Reactions

Any of you who ride in “girl clothes” have heard this: “You ride in that?!”

Today’s outfit—flowered skirt, little white sleeveless tank because the sun finally came out and we hit around Can you bike in a skirt and heels? Why, of course you can!64 degrees, black blazer because I knew it would take a while to get to 64 degrees—elicited a variety of reactions that I just have to share.

#1: Guy on the sidewalk as I biked west on Sprague—Classic wolf whistle after I’d gone by.  I’m old enough to have relaxed as a feminist and figure he means well, although the only male opinion that matters to me is that of Husband Dearest.

#2: Leaving the Taaj Restaurant after lunch (if you live in Spokane, check this out for a great lunchtime Indian buffet for only $10). A woman riding her bike on the sidewalk, helmet-free, with a face that suggested she has faced more challenges (or possibly just more weather) than I have grinned at me, gave a thumbs-up, and said, “Awesome!”

#3: Got into the elevator (yes, I suppose I could take the stairs but hey, I ride my bike!) with a man who took in my top half—high-vis jacket, helmet—and said, “Great day for a bike ride!”

I agreed enthusiastically. He then caught on to what I wore on the bottom half and said, “You ride in a skirt?”

I said, “Yep.”

He nodded and said, “That’s cool.”

Yes, yes it is. (Sometimes really, really cool, since the morning temps start out around 35 right now.)

Your Turn

If you ride in girl clothes, what kinds of reactions do you get?


5 Responses to “Riding in Skirts: Today’s Reactions”

  1. I ride in skirts, sometimes. Had a problem one day with a rather flowing skirt while riding into a headwind. Darn thing kept blowing uponto my chest area. Had to kinda hold it down with one hand for a couple blocks.


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