SO Fun—Last Saturday’s Shopping Event

Thank you, ladies, for making last Saturday SO fun! Vendors, shoppers, and helpers mixed, mingled, and massaged while Deb kept the Roasthouse coffee coming. The feedback was all positive and enthusiastic and we’re definitely doing this again!

Other views of the event:

SistahPedia (which went live with their new website in conjunction with the event): Bike Style Spokane Launches!

Fitness Bliss with Kris: For Bloggin’ Out Loud

Pictures posted on Flickr by Hydra Creations


One Comment to “SO Fun—Last Saturday’s Shopping Event”

  1. Barb – Thanks for hosting and is excited to do another one, so keep us in the loop. We gave away a Nordstrom gift card and selected the winner from those who nominated local women to feature on our site in our Sistahs You Should Know section. Definitely more giveaways to come. And, of course our health blogger, Kris, loves to blog out loud!

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