Miss Manners Would Approve: Dealing with Drivers

I try to be an ambassador from the friendly biking nation when I ride. Since throwing a hissy fit or flipping off a driver probably just confirms their existing opinion of people on bikes (since of course we are all 100% identical, unlike those unique individuals behind the wheel), I figure I’m helping a little in our ongoing efforts to build diplomatic relations and perhaps someday be admitted to the WTO (World Transportation Order).

This graphic suggests a similar approach. Consider freaking them out.

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6 Comments to “Miss Manners Would Approve: Dealing with Drivers”

  1. I’m a big fan of the overly-friendly wave and grin, as I utter a stream of profanities under my breath that would peal the paint off their car.

  2. This is great. I’ve tried to honk my (non-existent) bike horn at them, which is confusing to me but not noticeable to them. I’ve also shaken my head and said “BAD!” like you would at a puppy you were trying to house-break. Next time it is the Macarena for sure!

  3. I lost it at “Flash them”. Bwahahaha!

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