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May 27, 2012

Intro to Bike Commuting (in Style) for Women: Talk & Shop Event at Two Wheel Transit May 30

Mark your calendar with an easy date to remember: 5/30 at 5:30. That’s when I’ll be at Two Wheel Transit at the invitation of owner Geoff Forshag to give an informal talk on how women can get started in bike commuting.

Two Wheel Transit, Spokane WA--logo

I’ve lost track of the number of times people–women in particular–have started a discussion with me along the lines of, “I would bike to work but [insert concern or perceived barrier here].”

Some people carry on this conversation in a quasi-confessional mode, feeling guilty for not riding because I’m standing there demonstrating that it’s possible to show up at a business meeting in professional clothing.

Others who start with this line are looking for the actual answers to the questions or barriers. These range from “I don’t actually remember those hand signals I learned when I was 10” to “What do you do about sweat or hair or carrying stuff?” to “How do I pick the best route?“.

I can whip out a few fast tips but in the middle of a business meeting or networking event I can’t really cover all the nuances. Hence this talk (and if you can’t be there but want me to give it again, let me know with an email to I love talking about riding and helping more people get started!).

Along with giving the talk I’ll be bringing the cuteness: some of the Nuu-Muus/Ruu-Muus, skirts, bags, gloves, lace-trimmed padded liners and knickers, Pedal Panties, and other adorableness I carry through Bike Style. It’s a great mix to add to all the bikes, gear, and other accessories available from Two Wheel, since my goal is to supplement rather than compete with any of the local bike shops. We all share a common goal: To get you rolling!

Since those of you reading this blog are presumably already riding to some extent, whether for recreation or transportation or the sheer joy of it, you may not need all the tips. Consider this an opportunity to bring your “bike-curious” friend along to get some encouragement.

Tomorrow I’ll post your assigned reading for the class, should you choose to do some prep work: A blogspedition round-up of some of the posts I’ve written so far about how I got started and the clothes I wear and guest blogger posts about their beginnings.

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Your Turn

  • What questions do/did you have about starting out that I should be sure to answer in this type of talk?
May 25, 2012

Bike to Work. Bike to Eat. Bike to Shop. Bike to Everything.

Spokane Bikes logoThe post title is a theme we’ve used on our posters the past few years for Bike to Work Week and reflects the reason we changed our name from Bike to Work Spokane to Spokane Bikes. The Spokane Bikes philosophy is that we want to encourage people to bike for all kinds of transportation purposes, not just to and from work.

In fact, those short utility trips on a weekend—say, a run to the hardware store, fabric store, or grocery store—can be a great warm-up for transitioning into work-related riding with its greater demands for timely arrival and appropriate appearance at the end of the ride.

Once you’ve gone through that evolution from cautious beginner to full-fledged commuter, riding your bike in various kinds of conditions for different trip purposes, you might get a great week like what I had for this year’s Bike to Work Week.

Monday: In our fifth year we continued the “tradition” of having somewhat (ahem) moistish atmospheric conditions for the Kickoff Breakfast. But we didn’t get rained on. Not really.

Mayor David Condon, City Council President, and City Council member Jon Snyder all spoke, Pedals2People ran the bike corral, Spokane Transit had a bus parked for people to practice putting a bike on the rack (first transit agency in the state to have racks on every bus, in fact!), we instituted composting for our paper and food throwaways, and we got the week rolling.

I got to chat with stalwart Marc Mims, who every year leads a contingent of Spokane Valley-ites all the way to downtown for Mountain Gear pancakes and Roast House “Ride the Edge” coffee. This year he rode downtown alone—blame those threatening skies at the hour he had to leave to be downtown before 7 a.m.—but Amy Biviano, candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 4th legislative district who had ridden in separately, rode back with him. Bike-commuting State Rep. Andy Billig, now a candidate for State Senate in the 3rd LD and a volunteer for the event in years past, also attended the festivities.

Tuesday: Incredibly windy! Strong enough that when Belles and Baskets founder Betsy and I met up to have coffee, I have to ‘fess up that we wrestled my bike into the trunk of her little Honda Civic and drove together rather than me fighting my way to our rendezvous.

It was probably an entertaining sight to watch us load up, as my Donkey Boxx—while uber-awesome for hauling stuff—adds to the challenge of working with the hatch configuration of the Civic.

Further confession: I missed the Belles and Baskets group ride on the Fish Lake Trail in the evening and the post-ride chat at the bike-friendly Elk Public House, having gone home early and gotten comfy while I worked on some deadline-driven projects. I know, ladies, I missed out. Another time!

Wednesday: Energizer Stations! My sweetheart and I biked down together and stopped at Rings & Things (designated a Bike-Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists), where Polly and Amy served up Roast House coffee and bananas with the help of young Zander. For a good laugh read Marc Mims’ tale of coffee delivery woe, and shed a little tear over the spilled elixir of life.

The forecast for the day had some rain in it and I had quite a few meetings out of the office, but I had one of those lucky days where every time it rained I was inside and by the time I needed to ride the streets were drying out again. Biking has definitely made me far more weather-conscious.

At the end of the day, riding home around 7:45 p.m. from a LaunchPad event at Mobius Science Center (I can’t wait ’til it opens! Our kids are gonna love it), I saw the kinds of sights I’m sure I often missed as a driver, including a young African-American kid with one of the glossiest and most beautiful sets of long braids I’ve ever seen spinning along on a small bike and stopping to talk with his friends, and a double rainbow to the south over the freeway.

Eastbound on Fourth at Stevens I rolled alongside a man on the sidewalk who spun his wheelchair rapidly past Lewis and Clark High School, wearing a crisp white shirt and black dress pants. At the stoplight I wasn’t sure if the driver waiting behind me to turn right saw my wheeled companion since I might be blocking the view, so when the light turned green I moved slowly into the intersection to ride interference for a few yards before accelerating.

Thursday: An early-morning breakfast meeting followed by yet another meeting at Atticus Coffee, a regular stop for me thanks to the bike rack out front and the Roast House coffee served inside. (Yes, this is a recurring theme. I ride caffeinated and Roast House totally rocks the support for local bike events.)

After another busy day at work—busy because I was taking Friday off and had to pound out quite a few things before leaving for a four-day weekend—I headed to the always-rewarding Bike to Work Wrap-Up Party at Steam Plant Grill, one of our founding sponsors who every years throws a bike party for us and pours the beer they brew in-house.

I love that party. There are the regulars who have been there since the beginning, the ones who started riding that first year and have become regulars, the long-time bike advocates who’ve been at this far longer than I like Spokane Bike Buddy Eileen Hyatt, and the newbies who are thrilled with their accomplishments in their first-ever week of riding.

Spokane Public Radio, another important sponsor for Bike to Work Week, gave us some goodie bags to give away at the event. We weren’t doing a full-on raffle so co-chair Erika Prins and I hatched an idea: We would give the bags to people who have founded or established something that is making a difference and expanding opportunities and motivation to ride. Our list (and there would have been more had we had more goodies):

  • Bill Bender, founder of SpokeFest, which grew from their first ride the same year we founded Bike to Work Spokane to add Spokane Summer Parkways.
  • Marc Mims, who organizes the Spokane Valley activities for Bike to Work Week, rallied “Spokane Valley Cyclists FOR the Broadway Safety Project” to protect a key bike lane project from the ax, and put together a “Pedal with the Politicians” ride to educate elected officials about the project and the need for infrastructure.
  • Jon Snyder, Spokane City Council member and candidate for the House in the 3rd legislative district, for his leadership in spearheading adoption of the Complete Streets ordinance and all he does as publisher of Out There Monthly to highlight biking in the region.
  • Betsy Lawrence, founder of Belles and Baskets, which now has over 450 fans on Facebook and turns out dozens of women twice a month to ride, chat, and support each other in informal and transportation riding.
  • John Speare, blogger at Cycling Spokane and former member of the Spokane Bicycle Advisory Board who has been a consistent voice for everyday riding and the all-important “bike hang” at various beverage-dispensing establishments.

Friday: Stayed home, attended to the Women’s Bike Blogs list so I can keep highlighting featured blogs and adding to the RSS feed on Twitter and Facebook (from a list that will number over 700 the next time I post an update!), and did other bike-related word work like this post. I wish I’d had time to ride since we had some nice sunshine, but reflecting back on the week is worth the time.

Work to eat. Eat to live. Live to bike. Bike to work (and everything else). Happy biking!

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Your Turn

  • Pretend we have unlimited goodie bags. What unsung sparkplugs (to mix a metaphor) would you give them to as a thank-you for what they’ve done for biking in Spokane?
  • How much riding did you get in during the week? What kinds of destinations?
  • Did you help anyone get started riding this month? If so, self-high-five! (raise hands over head and jump a little as you slap them together)
May 15, 2012

It’s Time to Bike to Work, Spokane! (Energizing Update)

Ahahahaha! That’s a funny joke Mother Nature played on us. Responding to pleas that we hold the Spokane Bike to Work Week later than the national week because our Kickoff Breakfast always gets rained on, we scheduled this year’s events for Sunday, May 20-Saturday, May 26.

And did you get a load of that weather forecast for this week, which is National Bike to Work Week? Sunny and beautiful. Every. Single. Day. Next week? A little partly cloudy heading our way.

But not on Monday, I hasten to add. We will have a nice morning for the Kickoff Breakfast. This is your warm-up week and next week is the real deal.

So here’s the deal: You need to sign up. We want everyone who bikes to count and be counted and that’s what your registration does.

It’s a simple little form–about 30 seconds of your time–at the Spokane Bikes website. While you’re there you can RSVP for our fun events so the good folks serving up the food know how many riders to expect.

Monday, May 21, 7-9am: Kickoff Breakfast, Riverfront Park Gondola Meadows. Founding sponsor Mountain Gear will be serving up those great pancakes, and Roast House Coffee will pour some Ride the Edge to get you properly caffeinated for the day!

Wednesday, May 23, 6:30-8:30am or thereabouts: Energizer Stations, various locations. Date/time may vary depending on the specific location/sponsor so check the map and plan your route to get a boost on your way to work or whatever your destination may be.

Thursday, May 25, 4:30-6:30pm: Wrap-Up Party, Steam Plant Grill (another founding sponsor and a great bike-friendly restaurant with that rack in their covered parking area). Pay attention, peeps–party is on Thursday! Usually we wrap up on Friday but since the change of date pointed us into Memorial Day Weekend, we thought we’d party early, encourage you to ride one more day in the week, and leave Friday for you and the family.

Commute Challenge: All month long! Use the form to share how many vehicle miles you’ve avoided by riding your bike and help add to the awesomeness.

And did I mention you should sign up?

March 22, 2012

Shop & Swap! Spokane Bike Swap Saturday-Sunday

Close-up of Nuu-Muu and Ruu-Muu fabricsC’mon down! Bike Style Spokane will hold our first shopping event of the season (it is the season, honest! Snow? What snow?) at this weekend’s Spokane Bike Swap.

The event offers plenty of reasons besides our bike stylin’ cuteness to head on out to the Spokane Fairgrounds, and with a forecast of 57 degrees for Saturday and 59 for Sunday you’ll be itching to think about bikes (and what you’ll wear riding, of course).

The deets–

Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sunday, 9 a.m.-noon

Spokane Fairgrounds, Annex A

Entrance fee: $5 (kids 12/under free)

Proceeds benefit the Friends of the Centennial Trail, who have worked for decades to provide this great community amenity.

Once upon a time I was a volunteer for the North Idaho Centennial Trail Committee as we worked to construct the trail segment on that side of the state line, before I moved back to Spokane to a location that lets me ride along the Spokane River pretty often (but never often enough).

If you’re in the market for a bike for yourself or a kidlet in the family, you’ll have an array to choose from, both new and used–everything from mountain bikes to recumbents. If you’re ready to trade up or get rid of a spare you can sell your bike too ($10 fee to sell).

You’ll find bikes and gear both new and used, the chance to practice getting your bike on and off the bike rack on a Spokane Transit bus, helmet fitting, bike tour info, and more–and of course, the chance to hang out with Spokane’s friendly bike community and talk shop.

Bike Style will be there with a sampling of some of the cute products we carry and a new item or two you haven’t seen yet, with special pricing on a few items just for you.

Pop quiz: What’s one of the distinguishing features of the Spokane Transit system as it relates to bikes? Post your guesses in the comment section below and I’ll post the answer later.

Poster for Pedal Panties: Underwear for extra comfort on your bike saddle that fits under regular clothes. Made in US.

Pedal Panties. You know you want 'em. Or need 'em. More than underwear, less than a bike short.

October 2, 2011

Getting Married in Bike Style (A Blogspedition)

Today’s post is in honor of Eldest Daughter (my baby!), who at the tender age of 20 years old gets married today to her “Love Bear.”

In advance of dissolving in tears in my mother-of-the-bride dress (which I shopped for during 30 Days of Biking), I did a few searches for bicycle wedding images and ideas.

First, some wedding arrivals:

Descriptions of some bicycle weddings (no one I know–just cute stories and photos that might give you some ideas if you’re planning a bike wedding of your own):

Now for some bike-themed wedding decorations and ideas:

Custom print by Sofia Invitations and Prints, available on etsy

Good bike wedding gift: Print with tandem

Found on Flickr: This tandem-themed print that would make a nice wedding gift. Available on Etsy.

Custom cake topper with a bike theme for those of you on the “Tour d’Amour” by–

Custom bicycle wedding cake topper by makes custom bicycle wedding cake toppers.

A bike-themed wedding cake and a cute bicycle photo display idea:

bicycle-themed wedding cake and bike-shaped photo holder

And finally, a link to the Bicycle Weddings Pinterest board I started and will keep adding to as I see images.

Even though Kate and Tim don’t ride bikes together (yet) I know they’ll roll happily together up and down the hills and valleys of the lifelong road ahead. When one needs a rest, the other will pedal harder for a while. May the wind be at their backs and the grade never more than they can handle.

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September 9, 2011

Ride with your Community: SpokeFest Rocks!

Logo for SpokeFest

This Sunday Spokane’s premier family-friendly bike ride, SpokeFest, gets rolling at Riverfront Park. The beautiful route through the Spokane River Gorge takes you from the heart of downtown to the heart of the great outdoors within just a few miles. The ride features routes of various distances to accommodate different ability levels, and activities and information at SpokeFair in the Gondola Meadows. (You’ll see me there with a Bike Style booth.)

The event welcomes riders of all ages, abilities, and types of bikes. You’ll see recumbents, tandems, road bikes, cruisers and more. The first year I remember my husband and I riding for a bit with a man who had a bike with an extra seat to hold his son, who had multiple disabilities. The boy grinned from ear to ear with delight as we peddled through the fall sunshine. I talked with people for whom this was their first bike ride in years, the longest one they’d ever ridden in their lives, or the first time they’d ridden along our beautiful river.

This kind of ride is quite different from commuting but gives you the chance to practice your riding skills. You’ll meet and talk with other riders who might prove to be resources for thinking about your route, gear, and other commuting questions.

You will also recognize that you’re part of something bigger. Spokane has a great tradition of events that let us take over the streets for people-powered activities and come together as a community: Bloomsday. Hoopfest. Summer Parkways (which grew out of SpokeFest).

SpokeFest is something special. If you don’t live in Spokane, you may well have an equivalent ride in your area; many nonprofits organize rides as fundraisers. You’ll benefit from the camaraderie and support, the chance to set the goal of completing a ride of a given length, and the access to information from a variety of bike resources in the community you’ll often find at such events.

Get out and ride.

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Your Turn

  • Have you ridden SpokeFest? Share your impressions to inspire others to ride.
  • What are your favorite community rides?
August 30, 2011

Where to Shop Bike Style in September

Barb Chamberlain, Bike Style Spokane, wearing a Nuu-Muu and a hat by Old Man's Pants at the 2011 South Perry Street FairWe’ll have our usual great line-up and some new things at a couple of events in September. Come say hi and get a little something to wear to Spokefest, a Belles and Basket ride, or tooling around town, for yourself or for the biking friend you love.

First Friday, Sept. 2: Noon-7pm at the LaunchPadINW Co-working Space, 120 N. Stevens.

You’ll find us right next to Nectar Tasting Room, which means you’ll definitely want one of the “wine socks” we offer from Save Our Soles. Buffer that bottle in your pannier to keep it intact on the ride home.

What, no pannier, you say? Then you’ll want a Donkey Boxx (room for lots of bottles!) or a Po Campo bag.

And if you’re heading out on the Belles and Baskets Riverside State Park Ride Sept. 4 (Men’s Auxiliary welcome) this is your chance to rock a Nuu-Muu or Ruu-Muu on the ride!



SpokeFair at SpokeFest, Sunday Sept. 11: 8am-2pm at the Gondola Meadows in Riverfront Park.

Before or after you get rolling with around 2,000 other happy people on a beautiful ride through the Spokane River Gorge, get your cute on with a Nuu-Muu, some socks, or some reflective stickers to dress up your bike, fenders, helmet, and panniers.

What We Carry: Here’s the line-up of Bike Style Spokane products. No, we don’t have e-commerce yet so you need to catch up with us at one of our events or send an email to and we’ll find a way to connect.

Please hit “forward” or “share” and tell your biking friends where they can find some style!

July 9, 2011

South Perry Street Fair Fun: Look for Bike Style!

South Perry District banner on light pole (Spokane, WA). 2011 South Perry Street Fair July 16.

South Perry has it goin' on Saturday, July 16, with the parade and street fair.

We’ll have a booth at the South Perry Street Fair Saturday, July 16. Share the Eventbrite invitation or Facebook event with friends so they know to stop on by. Featured items build on what we’ve had at the first two shopping events.

Sensible Style for Women who Move

Nuu-Muus & Ruu-Muus: The cutest dress you’ll ever sweat in! Great for biking, tennis, yoga, running and other active movement. Made by a women-owned company based in Bellingham, Nuu-Muu is a member of 1% for the Planet, a business organization that donates 1% of all sales to environmental organizations.

Pedal PantiesMore than underwear, less than bike shorts–equally perfect under those Nuu-Muus or your buttoned-down office look. Sleek and sexy quick-dry performance fabric with a thin, breathable cushion for comfort on the saddle without that sensation that you’re wearing a Depends. Made in California by a women-owned company.

Carry On

Donkey Boxx: Perfect for trips to the farmers’ market or a day of errands! Each box can hold a full grocery bag. Practical box-like bicycle panniers made of 80% recycled corrugated plastic fasten to your bike with zip ties. Manufactured by Minnesota Diversified Industries, which employs people with disabilities.

Po Campo Bike Bags and Panniers: No one will ever guess that pretty purse is actually designed to strap onto your handlebars–until you show them. Not just for biking–great to strap onto strollers too! Made in Chicago by a woman-owned company.

They’ll Know You’re There

Spoke-N-Wheel Bike Bells: Customized by a mom in Los Angeles with fun phrases and 3D features like flowers and animals.

Bike Wrappers: Like reflective clothing for your bike–style & safety both. Made by a small California company.

Reflective stickers for your bike, helmet, and other gear: Made by creative folks at Spokane’s own Hydra Creations.

And More!

Bike-themed jewelry, Action Wipes for grown-ups (your face isn’t a baby’s butt–don’t wipe it like one), BPA-free stainless steel Bike Style water bottles, and other goodies.

Sign up at to subscribe to blog posts and notices about future events, and keep riding with style!

PS: Keep checking back; we’ll update this post with more product specifics as shipments arrive.

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June 21, 2011

More Treats! More Shopping! And Panties! Bike Style Event June 29

OK, I’m asking for trouble (or a whole lot of really random and inappropriate blog comments, which I will moderate) with the word “panties” in this post….

Panties are just one of the reasons you’ll want to swing by the LaunchPadINW space and Nectar Tasting Room next Wednesday, June 29, from 4-7pm ( so share this post, the EventBrite invitation, and/or the Facebook event with all your friends!). Here are some more reasons (and more explanation of the panties):

Poster for Pedal Panties: Underwear for extra comfort on your bike saddle that fits under regular clothes. Made in US.

Pedal Panties. You know you want 'em. Or need 'em.

Participating creators/curators of cool things (I will keep updating the list; be aware that several can accept only checks/cash):

Wine: Taste great Washington wines from Nectar Tasting Room & take some home!

The perfect pairing for wine: Local goat’s-milk cheese—feta & flavored chevres—from Chattaroy Cheese Co.

MassageRobby Eldenburg, LMP: Get in line! Neck/back/shoulder work ($1/minute or $10/15 minutes).

Jewelry: Local jewelry designer Cindy Morris, Gogoshebogo, will have bike-themed jewelry & more.

Paper arts: Journals, cards, and fine art photographic prints from 40 Candles.

Inspiration and information: Sistahpedia co-founders/sisters Angela Brown & Deborah Norris will be there with their wonderful website to meet more Women Who Know.

Complete Streets Bike Zine: $3 donation supports Futurewise.

Cool custom stickers: Bike images & much, much more from Hydra Creations.

And from Bike Style Spokane, ride with style with these cute & practical products!

Carry On

Donkey Boxx: Perfect for trips to the farmers’ market! Each box can hold a full grocery bag.
Practical box-like bicycle panniers made of 80% recycled corrugated plastic fasten to your bike with zip ties. Manufactured by Minnesota Diversified Industries, which employs people with disabilities.

Po Campo Bike Bags and Panniers: No one will ever guess that pretty purse is actually designed to strap onto your handlebars–until you show them. Not just for biking–great to strap onto strollers too! Made in Chicago by a woman-owned company.

They’ll Know You’re There

Spoke N Wheel Bike Bells: Customized by a mom in Los Angeles with fun phrases and 3D features like flowers and animals.

Bike Wrappers: Like reflective clothing for your bike–style & safety both. Made by a small California company.

Sensible Style for Women who Move

Nuu-Muus & Ruu-Muus: The cutest dress you’ll ever sweat in! Great for biking, tennis, yoga, running and other active movement. Made by a women-owned company based in Bellingham, Nuu-Muu is a member of 1% for the Planet, a business organization that donates 1% of all sales to environmental organizations.

At last, the panties! Pedal Panties: Equally perfect under those Nuu-Muus or your buttoned-down office look. Sexy and sleek quick-dry performance fabric with a thin, breathable cushion for comfort on the saddle without that sensation that you’re wearing a Depends. Made in California by a women-owned company.

In Case You’re Wondering

You can find more on the purchasing philosophy I apply when choosing Bike Style Spokane products in these posts.

May 26, 2011

SO Fun—Last Saturday’s Shopping Event

Thank you, ladies, for making last Saturday SO fun! Vendors, shoppers, and helpers mixed, mingled, and massaged while Deb kept the Roasthouse coffee coming. The feedback was all positive and enthusiastic and we’re definitely doing this again!

Other views of the event:

SistahPedia (which went live with their new website in conjunction with the event): Bike Style Spokane Launches!

Fitness Bliss with Kris: For Bloggin’ Out Loud

Pictures posted on Flickr by Hydra Creations

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