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September 19, 2011

Pretty Handy, Gloves. The Blogspedition Assumes You’ll Get ‘Em.

My favorite thing about these Ana Nichoola gloves designed by a woman who races bikes--besides how pretty they are--is the loops between the fingers that make them so easy to pull off, instead of peeling off the way I do my other gloves. I'll look for this feature on every pair of gloves I get in the future.

Speaking of bike gloves (which you’ll want if you happen to fall down or if your nose runs), get a pair. Fingerless (half-finger, really) work well for summer.

If you’re riding into the fall you’ll want ones with full fingers. Once you realize how fun this is and keep riding well into the frosty days you may want some lobster claw (Vulcan hand sign) gloves too, or perhaps a pair of liners to wear under your full-fingered ones.

Reasons you want gloves:

  • People fall down sometimes. Even grown-ups. If you fall and manage to get a hand out to break the impact a bit, you’re going to scrape your palms.
  • Your nose runs when you bike. Heck, mine runs even on a hot summer day–something about the nice breeze I make for myself. Good bike gloves come with a little soft patch for nose wiping. If this sounds gross, contemplate the alternative.
  • The padding on the palms helps cushion road buzz and the jouncing when you hit a pothole or crack in the pavement.
  • Most bike gloves have a reflective logo and/or piping that adds an extra bit of visibility. I’m all about the bling: The more my bike, my clothing, and my accessories reflect when the headlights hit, the more visible I am to the driver.
  • Duh–your hands get cold. As you know if you ski or engage in other outdoor winter pursuits, frozen fingers really hurt. This is one place where you don’t want to skimp or skip. You need to be able to shift and brake so those hands have to work.
  • They can provide a touch of color for accessorizing, if you’re into that. I just got the beautiful white crocheted Ana Nichoola gloves in time for the last of the autumn warmth and I love their classy look!*

I was going to make this a blogspedition to see what others have to say about gloves, but the reality is that they just take them for granted as part of your standard gear. They don’t actually blog much about gloves themselves unless it’s a review of one particular brand and I was looking for more general information.

When I search the Big List of Women’s Bike Blogs for “gloves” I find dozens of posts that make passing references to warm gloves, gloves that weren’t heavy enough for the weather conditions on a nippy day, pretty gloves (which are really hard to find), and the seasonal change from half-finger to full-finger or from full-finger to lobster claw.

Hence this round-up of posts that show fun photos that show gloves along with a review comparing some for winter. Not so coincidentally, the fashion blogs also show you women riding in all kinds of clothing and weather conditions.

*I managed to score the last of this season’s Ana Nichoola gloves (shown above) to sell through Bike Style. I have a few pair each in S/M/L for $45 +tax/shipping. They run small, so the small is genuinely for petite hands. Email info AT ASAP if you want a pair.


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Your Turn

  • What features do you like about your current gloves?
  • Any tips on what to look for or avoid in choosing gloves?
May 11, 2011

It’s Snot Pretty

Pearl Izumi Lobster Claw Cycling Gloves

So warm my hands sweat if it's above 40, these lobster claws are great for winter riding--except for the total lack of a nose-wiper!

OK, gross, right? The way your nose runs in cold weather—and we still have cooler temperatures in the early morning and the occasional rainy spring day. It doesn’t help any that I’ve had a cold for two weeks and am running like a faucet.

Fact of the matter is, there is just no ladylike way to deal with that while you’re riding unless you’re the type to whip out a hankie with Grandma’s tatted edging. I actually own one of those hankies, and in fact my grandmother taught me to tat once upon a time, but I don’t carry my hankie riding.

Pearl Izumi Ladies Cycling Gloves--5-Finger

These work for spring/fall riding, occasionally with a liner if it's still pretty nippy in the morning. They block wind but not cold; my fingertips get pretty painful if it's cold. They do have a wiper though.

So there’s good reason that a lot of cycling gloves have a little patch of terry cloth covering the meaty part of your thumb. It’s a wiper, and boy, am I glad to have that sucker when I realize the old sinuses are about to do a very unladylike overflow.

Weird thing, though: The Pearl Izumi lobster claw gloves I got especially for riding in the coldest weather—when my nose runs the most—don’t have a wiper patch. They have a really unfriendly bit of soft-finish leather that has no absorbent properties whatsoever and can be unforgiving at below-freezing temperatures.

Pearl Izumi Ladies Cycling Gloves--Fingerless

I wear these much of the spring/summer, although I also have a lighter pair with less padding. These were my first pair with some color other than black or gray. Why are women's bike gloves mostly so boring?

I find that especially odd since the five-fingered gloves I use for spring/fall riding and my fingerless gloves for summer are also made by Pearl and both have a wiper patch. What gives, Pearl?

I’m in the hunt for much cuter gloves to serve as hand protection/hankie. I’ve found Ana Nichoola in the UK. What do you think of the Bow-Peep (pictured below)? And have you seen this kind of adorable in your local bike shop lately? Googling “cute ladies cycling gloves” yields some really uncute results.

Your turn

Are gloves purely functional for you, or would you like to see more fashion options in gloves optimized for biking?

And how do you deal with the runny-nose problem? I know racers fade off to the back of the line, turn their heads to the side and blow but I’m just not willing to venture down that slimy road.

Cute Ladies Cycling Glove: The Bow Peep by Ana Nichoola

These stylin' babies by Ana Nichoola in the UK come in this gray/pink combo and a white/lilac design as well. I need to find out if they have a wiper patch, but hey, they're washable! They'd also be nice and breathable for summer riding.

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